The  Preaching  Ministry  of  Tim  D.  Trivette

The  Preaching  Ministry  of  Tim  D.  Trivette


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"Sir, We Would See Jesus"

Since August 28, 2018, I continue to be amazed and completely in awe of all the doors God has opened for me to stand and preach, and look forward to seeing Him continue to do what only He can do even more so in the future.  It is my prayer that the sermon audio and video links found below will encourage your heart, make much of Jesus, and magnify the God of Grace.  I am humbled, honored, and so very grateful for each and every opportunity that God allows me to stand and preach the old, old story, and completely mindful of the fact that I do so only by His Grace, and Only for His Glory!

Tim D. Trivette (Romans 5:20)

Most Recent Sermon Video

“What Happens When Heaven’s Had Enough”           ( 2 Chronicles 7 )

Sermons By Tim D. Trivette                               Audio & Video Links:

“Looking Back On The Bonfire: An Exclusive Interview With The Prophet Elijah”

  1 Kings 18    ( Audio )

“Looking Back On The Battles: An Exclusive Interview With King David”

  Psalms 3:1-3    ( Audio )  ( Video )

“Really Lord?”

 Mark 4:37-41   ( Audio )

“What Happens When Heaven’s Had Enough”

  2 Chronicles 7:19-22    ( Audio )  ( Video )

”The Spiritual Autopsy Of A Crippled Christian”

  2 Peter 1:1-9   

  ( Audio )  ( Video )  Delashmitt Road Baptist Church Red Bank, Tn.

  ( Audio )   Friendship Baptist Church Delano, Tn.

“The Glory Of The First Glimpse”

  Luke 21:27-28   ( Audio )

When People In The Pew Start Testing Positive”

  Psalms 84:2   

  ( Audio )  Rock Creek Baptist Church Benton, Tn.

  ( Video )  Covenant Baptist Church Cleveland, Tn.

If The Pulpit Could Talk, And The Alter Could Shout

 1 Samuel 7:1-13    

  ( Audio ) Parkway Baptist Church Cleveland, Tn. 

  ( Video ) Covenant Baptist Church Cleveland, Tn.

“The Revival Meting That Hit The Rumor Mill”     

  Luke 7:11-14   Audio )

“The Mic Drop Of All Mic Drops”         

  Luke 4:16-21     ( Audio )

”Marching Orders From The Most High”     

  Malachi 3:6-10     Audio )

“Daddy’s Hands“      

  Deuteronomy 5,6,7    Audio )      ( Video )


Sermon Series:  Answering The Question “Why?”

   -  “Why That Gettin’ Up Mornin’s Gonna Be Great”

         Isaiah 25:7-9     ( Audio )  Covenant Baptist Church Cleveland,Tn

                                     ( Audio ) Signature Healthcare Cleveland, Tn  

   -  “Why I’d Rather Have Jesus”

         Psalms 84:10-12   ( Audio )  ( Video

   -  “Why Jesus Is Precious”

         1 Peter 2:1-5   ( Audio )     ( Video )

   -  “Why I Love To Tell The Story”

         Romans 1:16    ( Audio )

   -  “Why We Gotta Get To Jesus”    

          Luke 5:17-26     Audio )

   -  “Why It’s So Sweet To Trust In Jesus”

         1 Peter 2:1-5   ( Audio )     ( Video 


“I’ve Got A Longing”

 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18       ( Audio )     ( Video )


“The Perfect Storm”        

  Matthew 18:18-27     Audio )


“A Greater Yes”     

 John  4:42-45        Audio )     ( Video )

“Back To Boaz” 

 Ruth 2        Audio )

“How To Fight In The Fire”    

  Daniel 3:11-14      ( Audio )


“From The Cheap Seats To The Choice Seats”      

  Hebrews 4:16    Audio )

“The Day Grace Became A Big Deal”    

  Romans 5:17-20     ( Audio )

“Lord Take The Stage”        

 Romans 5:17-20         Audio )

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