The  Preaching  Ministry  of  Tim  D.  Trivette

The  Preaching  Ministry  of  Tim  D.  Trivette


"Moreover the law entered, that the offense might abound. But where sin abounded, grace did much more abound."       Romans 5:20

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On August 28, 2018, from the front row of an empty White Oak Baptist Church in Cleveland, Tn, kneeling along side my pastor, I promised the Lord that if He opened one door or a million I would do my best to brag on Jesus and give Him the glory each and every time He allowed me to stand and preach the Gospel.  I am humbled by all the doors He has opened since that August afternoon on the front pew of my home church, and look forward to the Lord allowing me the opportunity of telling the old old story of Jesus and His love until I meet Him face to face around the throne of grace. 

I pray all of the content found at will yet again prove how the Lord is more than...

able to do anything, with anybody, anywhere, at anytime, no matter how far gone they may be.  Thank God His Word will not return void, that who the son sets free is free indeed, and that grace for you too, really does much more abound!     

                                                                   Tim D. Trivette  (Romans 5:20)