The  Preaching  Ministry  of  Tim  D.  Trivette

The  Preaching  Ministry  of  Tim  D.  Trivette


Sermon Audio and Video 

"Sir, We Would See Jesus"

Since August 28, 2018, I have been amazed by all of the doors God has opened for me to stand and preach.  I am honored and humbled by what God has already done, and look forward to seeing Him do what only He can do in the future.  I pray the Lord uses these sermons to encourage your heart, and magnify the God of Grace.  It has been, and will forever be, Only by His Grace, and Only for His Glory.     

Tim D. Trivette (Romans 5:20)


Sermons By Tim D. Trivette 

“Why I Love To Tell The Story.”

  Romans 1:16    ( Audio )

“Why Is Jesus Precious”

 1 Peter 2:1-5   ( Audio )     ( Video )

“Why We Gotta Get To Jesus”    

  Luke 5:17-26     Audio )

If The Pulpit Could Talk, And The Alter Could Shout

 1 Samuel 7:1-12    ( Audio )     ( Video )

“A Greater Yes”     

 John  4:42-45        Audio )     ( Video )

“Daddy’s Hands“      

  Deuteronomy 5,6,7    Audio )      ( Video )

“I’ve Got A Longing”

 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18       ( Audio )     ( Video )

“Why It’s So Sweet To Trust In Jesus”        

  Psalms 18:46-49     Audio )      ( Video )


“The Mic Drop Of All Mic Drops”         

  Luke 4:16-21     Audio )

“The Perfect Storm”        

  Matthew 18:18-27     Audio )

“The Revival Meting That Hit The Rumor Mill”     

  Luke 7:11-14         Audio )


“Really Lord?”     

  Matthew 4:37-41     ( Audio )

“How To Fight In The Fire”    

  Daniel 3:11-14      ( Audio )

“Marching Orders From The Most High”     

  Malachi 3:6-10     Audio )


“From The Cheap Seats To The Choice Seats”      

  Hebrews 4:16    Audio )

“The Day Grace Became A Big Deal”    

  Romans 5:17-20     ( Audio )

“Lord Take The Stage”        

 Romans 5:17-20         Audio )